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What can I get from you to obtain a visa?

Upon request, we can issue a Letter of Accommodation in Czech for VISA purposes. If you need the document you can pick up in our office for 2000 CZK or sending by DHL for 4900 CZK 
(We cannot provide a rental contract in Czech before your arrival) 
The proof of accommodation is a notarized document written in Czech and signed by your landlord. 

We will prepare your proof of accommodation only once you fill in all information needed on your customer space and we received the following payments: 
• Booking fees and deposit 
• First rent 
• DHL delivery 

To get a letter of accommodation it takes approximately 3 weeks after we have received all your payments. 

We are not responsible for any delay in receiving the document or a visa application being rejected. 
Please keep in mind you will need the original version of the document and a scan will not be accepted by the embassy. 

Updated on December 12, 2019

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