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What does our Student Room Flat’s services fee include?

  • Professional booking manager dedicated to help you choose the right property according to your needs 
  • Verification of the ownership title of your property & your landlord 
  • Verification of your property and its equipment 
  • Safe payment tool for your booking first payment 
  • Guarantee that the room you chose is kept for you 
  • In case of a last-minute problem, we either find you another room at similar conditions or we fully refund you * 
  • During the course of your stay in a Student Room Flat room, in case of an unresolved issue with your landlord, we step in and act as a mediator 
  • We make sure your rent includes utilities with normal consumption. No bad surprise at the end of the lease when you should get your deposit back 
  • We find your flatmates for you. You do not need to worry about finding them to secure your flats 
  • You have a lease contract on your name, in English with your landlord (no joint lease contract with all your flatmates)* 
  • You pay for the real duration of your stay. You do not need to pay for an entire month if you arrive on the 20th
  • We make sure the apartment we list fit Student Room Flat standards (internet, minimum furniture required, etc.) 

*We provide to all our hosts lease contracts verified by our lawyer that follow the law of the country of the property you rent. It is up to him/her to use it or not. 

Updated on December 12, 2019

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