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What do you need from me in verification process?

Host Identity: We demand copy of passport to verify your identity. 

Property Documentation: We would also need a proof of the ownership of the property (in case you are the owner) or a proof of the right to sub-lease the property (if you are a sub-lessor). 

Bank Details: This verification process is performed by HyperWallet, the Paypal service partnered with us. They will require a verification process once we confirm the first payments to your account. Double check sensitive details such as currency, IBAN and Beneficiary Name.

If you have a business profile, information about your company will be required as well as further documents if applicable (Business Proof Registration, Name and ID of Directors, Beneficial Owners and Letter of Authorization, etc).

You will always be notified by email once the HW verification is required, also, make sure you monitor your payment status regularly as Hyperwallet may ask you to submit new documents.

In case proof of address is required, you may consider any bill with your name related to the property (electricity, water).

Updated on October 24, 2023

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