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What type of properties can I list?

With Student Room Flat you can find the right and most accurate listing process for your properties.

Create your account and define your host profile type based on your property category. Afterward, you’ll be able to list different types of properties no matter what your host profile is.

When you start a listing process, you may be able to select the categories below:

Apartment: can either be a studio for one/two people or a flat-share;
Apartment building: you own a building and want to advertise all apartments in the building separately
Student Residence: It’s similar to an apartment building, but designed for students and academic success. Provides resources like study areas, academic support, and semester-based contracts. Located near educational institutions.
Co-living: Open to a diverse range of people including young professionals and students. Focused on community, flexibility, and networking. Offers amenities for a social lifestyle with flexible lease terms.

We rent per room and we need to ensure that they are private (single use or exceptionally shared use), furnished, with access to a private or shared kitchen, and include the connection internet as well.  

Updated on October 26, 2023

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